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NECS good practice guidance and tools for care homes

The NECS Vulnerable Adults Workstream Group has produced a suite of guidance documents and tools for use across all stakeholder CCGs, based national standards, legislation and guidance.  Click on the links below to access these documents.


Controlled drugs

Covert administration &  swallowing difficulties

NICE provides a useful Quick Guide to giving medicines covertly. More detailed guidance is available from the CQC and from PrescQIPP [log-in required to access some resources]. 

The templates below may be useful for recording and reviewing decisions:

Disposal and waste medicines

Homely remedies & self-care (OTC medicines)

MAR chart and associated documents

Medicine orders, receipt and reconciliation

Proxy online ordering of medicines in care homes

For more information about proxy online ordering of medicines in care homes, please refer to the NHSX suite of supporting documents on the Future NHS platform [Register first @ ].

Medicine review

Prescribing guidance/ resources


Specialist / Critical Medicines

Storage of medicines

Transfer of medicines out of care home

When required (PRN) medicines


Medicine errors