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Useful information for Community Pharmacists on the Prescription Tracker

Can’t find a prescription?

We’ve had feedback that patients feel like they’re “caught in the crossfire” when an electronic prescribing goes missing and they feel like they get bounced between the practice and the pharmacy.

The prescription tracker should be the solution to this problem:

Before you contact the GP practice or send the patient back to the surgery, remember you can now use the prescription tracker to search for an electronic prescription.  The prescription tracker allows you to check the status and history of electronic prescriptions.

If the prescription cannot be found, then at that point please contact the GP Practice.

The most up to date information on the prescription tracker can be found on the NHS Digital website:


There is also useful information on the PSNC website at,


but for the latest information on the prescription tracker, please refer to the NHS Digital website as this has the latest information.

Both community pharmacies and GP practices access the same prescription tracker.

NHS Digital Prescription Tracker Factsheet for Dispensers