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This website is maintained by North of England Commissioning Support Medicines Optimisation Team and contains medicines information guidelines and resources to support safe, effective and good value medicines use in primary care in North East and Cumbria CCGs.

Adalat – Supply Issues

Bayer have announced plans to permanently discontinue nifedipine immediate-release 5mg & 10mg capsules (Adalat) in 2019. There are no other nifedipine immediate-release products licensed in the UK. The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service have published an updated memo with advice on alternatives to immediate-release nifepidine, as well as information about the temporary supply issues with several Bayer modified-release nifedipine products (Adalat Continue Reading »

Bricanyl Turbohaler – UK Shortage

Bricanyl Turbohaler is the ONLY terbutaline inhaler marketed in the UK. Astra Zeneca UK Ltd have notified the Department of Health and Social Care of a temporary shortage and interruption to supplies. Some stock may be available during December 2018, but the shortage is unlikely to be fully resolved until the end of January 2019. The NHS Specialist Continue Reading »

Catheter-Associated UTIs – new NICE Antibiotic Use Guideline

NICE have published the latest addition to the growing suite of resources on antibiotic prescribing for common infections: a guide to treating catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). The guideline includes recommendations on: treatment advice when an antibiotic prescription is given reassessment referral and seeking specialist advice self-care choice of antibiotic prevention Like other NICE Antibiotic Use Guidelines, the CAUTI Continue Reading »

GF Foods on Prescription – New Regulations

Regulations governing prescription of gluten-free foods in England changed on 1st December 2018. Community pharmacies can now only supply specified bread products and bread/flour mixes (see list here). ALL other gluten-free foods have been added to Part XVIIIA of the Drug Tariff – the ‘Blacklist’. NHS England have published guidance for CCGs with linked FAQs that may help Continue Reading »