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This website is maintained by North of England Commissioning Support Medicines Optimisation Team and contains medicines information guidelines and resources to support safe, effective and good value medicines use in primary care in North East and Cumbria CCGs.

Medicine Matters – Spring 2018/19

Spring 2018/19 This issue includes: Hay fever medicines (and when require protocol) New Terminology for food modification (food thickeners) Lessons Learnt: Effective audit Reminder regarding flammable products (Paraffin based products) CD guidance reference to website documents

Medicine Matters – Autumn 2018/19

Autumn 2018/19 This issue includes: Waste medicines Common questions regarding Controlled Drugs Lessons Learnt: Medicine Reconciliation Free Flu vaccinations for adult social care staff What to do in the event of a Flu outbreak in a care home

Medicine Matters Winter 2018/19

Winter 2018/19 This issue includes: Homely medicines in care homes Can OTC medicines be used in care homes Warning about not over ordering medicines Lessons Learnt: Fentanyl patches – unintentional exposure MHRA Paraffin products – updated alert 9Dec 2018