Medicines Optimisation
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COVID-19 - Professional Resources & Guidance

Several Professional & Representative Bodies have compiled collections of COVID-19 guidance and information. The following may be helpful for Medicines Optimisation teams: NICE RCGP BMA RCN RPharmS BSG - includes advice for patients with IBD treated with immunosuppressants - see also Crohn's & Colitis UK European Society of Cardiology - with links to statements about ACE-I & ARBs - see also …

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Online Medicines - New Guide

The General Pharmaceutical Council has published a new guide to help people keep safe when getting medicines or treatment online - which may help when exploring options for medicines supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guide includes the following six top tips: Check if the online healthcare service and healthcare professionals working there are registered with UK regulators. Ask questions …

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COVID-19 - Paracetamol Supplies

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society have published guidance for Community Pharmacies on appropriate steps to be taken when packing down Prescription Only Packs of Paracetamol for sale to the public. The guide follows the following announcement from the Director of Insight, Intelligence & Inspection at the General Pharmaceutical Council: “Pharmacies may break down larger packs of paracetamol to prepare smaller packs …

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COVID-19 - Medicines Supplies

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England and the NHSE&I Director of Primary Care Strategy have issued an Update on COVID-19 to Community Pharmacies (19/03/20). Further updates will be posted in the Primary Care section of the NHS England Coronavirus webpages @ The latest update includes information on several topics, including the following about medicines supplies: Supply chain   There are currently …

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COVID-19 - Oral Corticosteroids?

The Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service Team have published a guide to "Rapidly managing pneumonia in older people during a pandemic" - which includes the following about the possible role of oral corticosteroids: In the initial phase of pneumonia, elderly patients can present with wheezing and respiratory distress. It is not uncommon to consider corticosteroids at this stage, because of their …

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COVID-19 - Ibuprofen Concerns - BBC Reality Check

The BBC Reality Check service have published several "myth-busting" items addressing rumours, theories, misunderstandings and downright falsehoods currently circulating due to concern and anxiety about COVID-19. These include a potentially helpful article on the concerns about the possible impact of NSAIDs. The BBC report includes the following: Although we don't yet know whether ibuprofen has a particular effect on the severity …

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COVID-19 - Ibuprofen & other NSAIDs

All relevant healthcare professionals working in primary and community care in England should by now have received the Important Information for Immediate Action distributed 17/03/20 via the Central Alert System on behalf of the Chief Medical Officer for NHS England. The CMO message included the following information and advice: There appears to be some evidence that NSAIDs may have an …

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COVID-19- Oxford University Primary Care Resource

The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at Oxford University have developed a Coronavirus Analysis and Resources webpage - to share the results of their "research, surveillance and evidence synthesis expertise in support of efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic." The page will be updated daily with new resources, reports and projects. The page links to the Oxford CEBM …

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COVID-19 - Oxford CEBM Evidence Service

The Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine has launched a new webpage to help provide answers to some of the many questions about COVID-19 - including many that are relevant to medicines use & prescribing in primary care. The CEBM team have committed their "skills and expertise in evidence synthesis and dissemination to the effort against the current COVID-19 pandemic." …

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COVID-19 - Medicines Homecare Services

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) - the trade body representing the majority of organisations providing Clinical Homecare Services on behalf of the NHS - yesterday puiblished the following COVID-19 information for patients on their website: Most existing Medicines Homecare Services are continuing as normal. Your homecare provider customer services will contact you if they need to make different arrangements …

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