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FreeStyle Libre _ Implementing NTAG Recommendations

The Northern Treatment Advisory Group (NTAG) “recommends Freestyle Libre® as an option for glucose monitoring in Type 1 diabetic patients only in the North East and Cumbria for patients who fulfil the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee criteria.” The NTAG position statement also states that FreeStyle Libre “…….. should not be prescribed in primary care and should only be initiated and prescribed by Continue Reading »

Prevention of Future Death Notice – the EPS system does not highlight urgent prescriptions to pharmacies

  “The EPS system does NOT allow urgent prescriptions to be highlighted to the receiving pharmacy when sent from a GP system.” This applies to all current pharmacy software. Following a Coroner’s inquest in Nottingham, the Superintendent Pharmacist for Well Pharmacy has circulated a Prevention of Future Death notice  to alert prescribers to potentially serious consequences of shortcomings Continue Reading »

NICE asthma guidance

There are important differences between new NICE recommendations on asthma treatment and current “standard practice” in the UK. For example, NICE NG 80 recommends an early 4-8 week trial of montelukast plus low dose ICS if newly diagnosed asthma is not controlled by a low dose ICS inhaler alone. An ICS (low dose)/LABA combination is only recommended if Continue Reading »

Generic prescribing of anti-seizure drugs

The MHRA has updated guidance on switching between different brands of anti-seizure drugs The revised guidance now clearly states that the potential for clinically relevant differences to exist between different manufacturers’ products in Category 3 is considered to be extremely low and that therapeutic equivalence between products can be assumed. Category 3 drugs include levetiracetam, gabapentin, pregabalin and ethosuximide. Continue Reading »