Varenicline (Champix) Supply Issues – NCSCT advice

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The National Centre for Smoking Cessation & Training (NCSCT) has published the following bulletin notifying smoking cessation practitioners about problems with supplies of varenicline (Champix) and signposting to advice on alternatives.

Champix out of stock

We’ve been informed that unfortunately Pfizer are currently facing an issue with the supply
of varenicline (Champix) across all doses and presentations.
Pfizer anticipate this supply disruption will last for at least several weeks.
The current recommendation is that until the Champix shortage is resolved, patients will
need to consult with their healthcare professional to choose an alternative treatment option.
For those who have already started a course of Champix, there isn’t a lot of evidence on
switching from Champix to an alternative stop smoking medication like combination NRT,
but that would seem a reasonable option.
Further questions on switching medication and on supply of Champix can be addressed to Pfizer. The central number is 01304 616 161 and calls to this number will be routed appropriately.
The NCSCT have drafted guidance on switching to alternative treatment for clients using
Champix, available here:
We will let you know as soon as we have any update from Pfizer on the situation.