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Vaccine Supply Update

MenC Vaccine Ordering

The MenC infant vaccination programme will cease on 1st July 2016.  MenC vaccine (NeisVac-C) continues to remain available through ImmForm until 1st July 2016.

Locally held stocks of NeisVac-C should be carefully reviewed before ordering more vaccine, to take account of the cessation date andto ensure vaccine is not ordered unnecessarily.  Any stock remaining in fridges on 1st July 2016 should be retained until it expires at which point it should be disposed of in line with local policies.  Any stock disposal should be recorded on the ImmForm website as a stock incident.

Nimenrix – check expiry dates

Alongside longer dates Nimenrix, PHE has a small stock of Nimenrix vaccine currently being distributed which has a shorter than usual expiry date of 31/08/2016.  Recent orders for Nimenrix will be met from this stock, therefore please check the expiry date of the stock you receive to ensure it is used in a timely fashion.

Primary infant vaccine

Ordering for Pediacel remains restricted to 3 doses per order, per week.  Infanrix IPV Hib is available to order with no restriction on volume.  Where possible and where local stock allows, it is preferable that the same DTaP/IPV-Hib containing vaccine should be used for all three doses of the primary course.  However, vaccination should never be delayed because the vaccine used for previous doses is not known or unavailable.

From Public Health England Vaccine Update Issue 246, May 2016.