Updated Patient Group Directions

The following Patient Group Directions for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, combined hepatitis A + B, typhoid and combined hepatitis A + typhoid have been updated.

These PGDs has been jointly developed and authorised by North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECSU) and Cumbria & North East (NHS England), for use by practices and services within the Durham, Darlington, Tees, Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear areas.

These PGDs reflect the most up to date recommendations and replace all previous versions. Please note that this hepatitis B PGD (NECSAT 2017/002) does not replace, but is in addition to the current Hepatitis B for infants PGD (NECSAT 2016/018).

It is advisable to take master copies of the blank PGDs to keep on file should you need them for a newly appointed nurse. I would be grateful if you could ensure that these PGDs are read, agreed and signed by all nurses they apply to.

For each practice nurse PGDs should be authorised by the clinical lead on behalf of the practice. Once completed, a copy of the management & monitoring form should be given to each nurse, with the original practice copy being kept on file by the practice (in your Clinical Governance Handbook). Replaced PGDs should be filed and kept as a record of practice.

Current PGDs can be found at https://medicines.necsu.nhs.uk/resources/patient-group-directions