Updated information for GP practices – Refer to Pharmacy Scheme

North Tees Hospital in partnership with Community Pharmacies and the LPC is about to
start a pilot referral pathway for eligible patients discharged from Hospital to be referred
to a Community Pharmacy of their choice to further discuss their medicines.

There are two main groups of patients to be referred:

  1. Patients started on new medicines who will attend the Pharmacy to take part in
    the nationally commissioned New Medicine Service (NMS). The service provides
    support for patients prescribed medicines for Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension,
    and Anti-Coagulants to ensure the patient gets the most from their medicine and
    they are supported during the early stages of taking their medicine.
  2. Patients identified as having potential compliance issues or other concerns
    regards taking their medicines (for example Inhaler Technique). These patients
    will be referred to a Pharmacy of their choice for a Medicine Use Review (MUR).

Eligible patients will be identified by Pharmacists at the Hospital and referred to a
Community Pharmacy post-discharge.

These patients will be referred using the PharmaOutcomes computer system, which is currently used for recording patients who partake in current Pharmacy services, such as NMS, Flu Vaccinations, Methadone Supervision.

Using PharmaOutcomes will enable the referral pathway to be monitored and the
referrer to obtain feedback regarding whether the patient attended for the review and
assess the benefit of the pathway. This is a big improvement over previous referral
pathways which were paper based, and therefore less easy to follow up and review.

A start date for the pilot has been provisionally agreed for 1st May 2015; there will be engagement events towards the end of April 2015 for Pharmacists from Community and

Action required

Practices please be aware of the pilot. Prescribers if they wish, may provide feedback
regarding the quality of MURs received as part of this pilot by sharing their thoughts with
their practice pharmacist/ technician. This feedback will then be collated centrally.

For further information please speak to your allocated medicines optimisation
team members or alternatively contact us on the following number: 01642 746909

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