Unblocking EPS2

Are you struggling to send some prescriptions by EPS2?

The NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) is the standard for transferring medicine and medical device information between clinical systems and is required for all EPS2 prescribing.

Some entries in the prescribing databases used by GP clinical systems cannot be directly matched to a unique dm+d code – and therefore cannot be prescribed electronically. Unfortunately, those unmatched items cannot be removed from databases, in case removal corrupts important historical information. Fortunately, there’s a suitable alternative available for all but the most esoteric of the non-dm+d/EPS2-compatible items. For EPS2 to work well, it is important that prescribers select the dm+d/EPS2-compatible versions.

NHS Digital have produced this helpful factsheet with solutions to some common of the issues and problems that arise when using EPS2……