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TARGET Antibiotic Toolkit – Refreshed Patient Leaflets

The RCGP TARGET [Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education & Tools ] Antibiotic Toolkit has been refreshed and updated in recent months.


The updated toolkit now includes a comprehensive guide to the available resources with advice and tips on using them in practice.

Among the refreshed resources are:

The various TYI leaflets are available in simplified pictorial form and in a range of languages.

Healthcare Professionals can sign up to receive quarterly newsletters and to be notified of changes and updates to the TARGET Toolkit HERE.

Patient Information Leaflets to use in Consultations

Treating your Infection patient leaflet

The Patient Treating Your Infection leaflet is a useful tool for clinicians to use within consultations for patients who do not require an antibiotic prescription for their infection. It includes information on illness duration, self-care advice and advice on when to re-consult. Use of this leaflet has been approved by PHE, RCGP, BSAC, NHS Scotland, RCN, IPS and BIA.

Urinary Tract Infection Leaflet

The Patient Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Information leaflet has been designed to be used during consultation with women who are experiencing non complicated UTIs. It is a useful tool for clinicians to use where the clinician feels that the patient does not require an antibiotic prescription. It includes information on illness duration, self-care advice, prevention advice and advice on when to re-consult. Use of this leaflet has been approved by PHE, RCGP, NHS Wales, Scottish UTI Network (SUTIN), RPS and BIA.

When Should I Worry? Booklet for Parents and Carers

The ‘When Should I Worry?’ booklet provides information for parents about the management of respiratory tract infections such as coughs, colds, sore throats and ear aches in children. It is designed to be shared in consultations.


The booklet can be downloaded free of charge from the When should I worry? website www.whenshouldiworry.com.  Practices can also order colour glossy booklets (in bundles of 50) from the RCGP bookshop.

Antibiotics E-learning Resources

NECS eLearning: antibiotic prescribing and antimicrobial stewardship in primary care

This programme has been developed by the NECS Medicines Optimisation Team, using best practice guidance and evidence based reviews, and has been designed to help primary care prescribers consider:

  • Strategies to help optimize prescribing of antibiotics
  • Why antimicrobial stewardship is important at a personal, local and global level

NICE antimicrobial stewardship eLearning

This programme examines the NICE guideline recommendations on antimicrobial stewardship, specifically the actions required by commissioning and provider organisations, service managers and local decision-making groups to ensure that effective antimicrobial stewardship programmes are in place and that prescribers are supported to make changes to their use of antimicrobials where necessary.

TARGET antibiotics toolkit

The TARGET (Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education, Tools) antibiotic toolkit, produced by the RCGP, provides education for groups of primary care staff or individual clinicians. The toolkit aims to help decrease barriers to appropriate antibiotic prescribing, change social norms around prescribing, and influence clinicians’ and patients’ personal attitudes to antibiotic resistance and use.



Please find attached the first edition of the TARGET (Treat Antibiotics Responsibly Guidance, Education and Tools) newsletter from Public Health England.

The newsletter contains information on the TARGET toolkit, audits, ‘treating your infection’ leaflets and antibiotic prescribing guidance.