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Pioglitazone – shortage of supply

There are currently supply issues with pioglitazone tablets (all strengths).

Deliveries are expected during December and January, however overall supply may be limited.  In order to conserve supplies to ensure that patient management is not compromised it is recommended that prescription duration is limited to the amount the patient requires.

UKMi have produced detailed guidance for prescribers which outlines management options and alternative agents to pioglitazone.  Click here to view the guidance from UKMi.

Morphine 10mg/1ml injection – supply problems

There is currently a supply problem with morphine sulphate 10mg/1ml injection (1ml vials) which we are advised is likely to continue until early January.

Some wholesalers do have stock, but others don’t and whilst there is some existing stock in community pharmacies, community pharmacies may experience difficulties in obtaining new stock of this product over the Christmas period.

In order to try and avoid unacceptable delays for patients and additional calls to the out of hours services, prescribers are requested to:

  • keep the quantity prescribed to a minimum
  • ensure the most appropriate strength is prescribed
  • liaise with local pharmacies to confirm availability of stock

Should a supply problem be experienced and it is necessary to prescribe an alternative strength, please ensure this change is communicated effectively to nursing colleagues, patients and their carers.

Local information, including a list of pharmacies can be found by clicking on the links below: