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Smoking Cessation Services North Tyneside CCG

Information for prescribers/GP Practices and MO Practice Support Team:

Please click here for a list of North Tyneside community pharmacies that will be providing Stop Smoking behavioural support from 1st July 2015.

Stop smoking services in community pharmacies will consist of 3 elements:

  1. Behavioural support
  2. Supply of NRT through a voucher scheme
  3. Supply of Varenicline via PGD

All North Tyneside community pharmacies will supply NRT through the voucher scheme.

A client may only be given a voucher if they are receiving behavioural support from any trained Stop Smoking Advisor; vouchers may be generated at another pharmacy, a G.P. Practice or community drop-in session.

Most, but not all North Tyneside community pharmacies are contracted to provide behavioural support. A list of participating pharmacies is attached.

15 pharmacies across the borough will be able to supply varenicline via PGD.  Similar to supply of NRT through the voucher scheme, a client will arrive at the Pharmacy with a voucher recommending for varenicline issued to them by a trained Stop Smoking Advisor. The pharmacist will work through the PGD and supply accordingly. Those pharmacies will not be signed up until their pharmacists are trained in delivery of the PGD (which they will be by the end of June).  The list of pharmacies able to supply varenicline will be confirmed once the pharmacists have successfully completed the PGD training.