COVID-19 – Warfarin

The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service have published a guide to Management of patients taking warfarin during the COVID-19 pandemic. [See also: Guidance for Safe Switching of Warfarin to DOACs] The guide recommends a stepwise approach: For patients with prior DVT or PE with low risk of recurrence, consider stopping warfarin. For other patients, consider switching to a DOAC Continue Reading »

COVID-19 – Anticoagulant Services Clinical Guide

NHSE&I have published a Clinical guide for the management of anticoagulant services during the coronavirus pandemic – as part of the NHSE&I COVID-19 Collection of Specialty Guides  Patients receiving warfarin requiring management in outpatient or community settings – Anticoagulation service provision should consider the following: Is warfarin still required? Can patients on warfarin be switched to an alternative Continue Reading »

COVID-19 – Drug Monitoring Guidance

The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service have published Guidance on management of drugs requiring monitoring during COVID-19 – supported by background advice on General Factors to Consider when making Monitoring Decisions. The objective of the guidance is to protect patients from unnecessary health care visits and help preserve capacity in primary care.  The SPS guide recommends that drug monitoring during Continue Reading »

COVID-19 – Smoking Cessation Services & Advice

The UK Government & Public Health England have highlighted that emerging evidence from China shows smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease. Quitting now may reduce risk for individuals and those exposed to second-hand smoke. Public Health England note the following immediate and short-term benefits: After 48 hours Carbon monoxide is eliminated Continue Reading »

COVID-19 – Renin-Angiotensin System Drugs

A BMJ Editorial on Drugs and the renin-angiotensin system in COVID-19 published 02/04/20 includes the following advice about decisions on continuing treatment during the pandemic (supported by a suggested algorithm): The balance of potential benefits and harms from continuing ACE inhibitor or ARB therapy during an acute infection depends on the reason for prescribing. Many people taking these Continue Reading »