DHSC Medicines Supply Notice – Metformin 500mg/5ml oral solution sugar free

The DHSC Medicines Supply team have circulated the following Tier 2 Medicines Supply Notification concerning metformin 500mg/5ml oral solution sugar free: MSN 2021_045 Metformin oral solution 500mg in 5ml During the last three months for which data is available, 864 patients (cf total population >4.5 million) received supplies of metformin 500mg/5ml oral solution sugar free from pharmacies dispensing Continue Reading »

Varenicline (Champix) Supply Issues – NCSCT advice

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation & Training (NCSCT) has published the following bulletin notifying smoking cessation practitioners about problems with supplies of varenicline (Champix) and signposting to advice on alternatives. Champix out of stock We’ve been informed that unfortunately Pfizer are currently facing an issue with the supply of varenicline (Champix) across all doses and presentations. Pfizer Continue Reading »