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Out of Stock List December 2015

The following items are currently unavailable, hard to obtain or going short in the market. It is not an exhaustive list, and some pharmacies will have more trouble than others obtaining certain items. Items new to the list in bold

Thanks to Manchester LPC for this information 

Item Status More Information
Duac gel (25g and 50g) This has been replaced by new pack sizes Please prescribe as 30g and 60g
Pioglitazone all strengths Limited supply and expensive Some pharmacies may have limited stock
Lacri-lube Long term manufacturing problem Alternatives e.g. Carbomer 980 gel
Lamotrigine 200mg tabs All generics unavailable Consider Lamotrigine 100mg x 2 tabs or Lamictal, but very expensive £117.35/56. See MHRA advice for further information on switching between oral formulations in the treatment of epilepsy
Traxam (felbinac) gel Provisional enquiries suggest delay until winter 2015
Benzoyl Peroxide gel/ cream Most unavailable long term Although Acnecide available
Questran Sachets Unavailable Colestyramine generic available or questran light
Creon 40000 Short term manufacturing problem Prescribe as 25000 or 10000 as temporary measure, refer to info company regarding equivalent doses
Aciclovir eye ointment 3% 3% Current supplies recalled Contact consultant ophthalmologist to recommend an alternative.
Sucralfate tablets and oral suspension Unavailable until at least Q4 2015 Prescribe a licensed alternative e.g. PPI. Where not possible use imported licensed product (IDIS) or unlicensed special.
Transvasin cream Long term manufacturing problem Prescribe alternative
Vita-POS eye point Back in productive but demand is high. Wholesalers awaiting more stock Small amounts may be available but still problematic
Nitrofurantoin MR caps Manufacturing problems Small amounts of stock available in some pharmacies


Back in stock info

Mupirocin oint and cream Small quantities available
Trimovate cream Small quantities available
Gentamicin drops eye/ear Limited stock available
Diclofenac 50mg tabs Concessionary item, so more expensive than normal £2.60/28
Mefenamic acid 500mg Available again, concessionary item £12.15/28
Flumetasone/Clioquinol 0.02% w/v / 1% w/v Ear Drops solution (formerly locorten vioform) Back in stock through some wholesalers