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Opioids for Persistent Pain – PROMPPT intervention

The National Institute for Health Research are funding a five year research programme to design and test a Proactive clinical Review of patients taking Opioid Medicines long-term for persistent Pain led by clinical Pharmacists in primary care Teams (PROMPPT intervention).

The programme starts with the Q-PROMPPT study. Q-PROMPPT will use a range of methods to find out about patients, clinical pharmacists and GPs’ experiences and views on:

  • Using regular medication, particularly opioids, for long-term pain
  • How pain medicines are currently managed and how they could be reviewed in future
  • The idea of clinical pharmacists in GP surgeries reviewing patients on regular opioids
  • What would make a pain medicines review relevant, useful and appealing to patients, clinical pharmacists and GPs

The research has begun via the Q-PROMPPT blog – an online discussion forum for anyone with experience of long-term pain and pain medicines (patients and carers) to share their views and take part in discussion with others.