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North Cumbria Opioid Prescribing Resources

One patient story:

Patient was on Morphine 120mg total daily dose and had repeated admissions with type 2 respiratory failure. On ITU and almost died.
He has followed the printed reducing regimen perfectly and now down to 15mg MST twice daily. He said ‘I can breathe again‘. He has started coming up to the surgery for leg dressings now once weekly, previously district nurses were going in to the house 2-3 times per week to do it. He is continuing to reduce and aiming to stop all together.
The patient is happy for his story to be shared anonymously with other doctors and patients “because if it helps just one person…”
He said he is a different person to the one he was before he almost died in ITU.


North Cumbria position statement - Opiate use in non-malignant persistent pain (464 downloads)


Faye's Story CD Newsletter 2017 (226 downloads)


Patient leaflets and aids

Explaining Pain Patient Leaflet - North Cumbria CCG (366 downloads)


Living Well with pain - Ten Footsteps leaflet (337 downloads)


Patient letters for use in primary care

Patient letter - general info / intervention over 12 months (324 downloads)


Patient letter - appointment with date for review invite (288 downloads)


Patient letter - invite to make your own appointment for review (289 downloads)


Patient letter - start of reduction - patient non-responsive (305 downloads)


Gabapentinoid prescribing

North Cumbria Gabapentinoid Prescribing Review (282 downloads)


NHSE Gabapentin and Pregabalin briefing Feb 2019 (224 downloads)


Gabapentin and Pregabalin patient information handout (231 downloads)


Practice resources

Opioid Prescribing Care Bundle - March 2019 (271 downloads)


Opioid Care Bundle - data collection sheet (272 downloads)


Opioid Care Bundle - PDSA cycle template (268 downloads)

Brain man YouTube videos for use with patients

Unity leaflets and forms

Unity services - patient leaflet (248 downloads)


Unity Self Help - patient leaflet (234 downloads)


Unity Family Concern patient leaflet (238 downloads)


Unity referral form (255 downloads)