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OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch Vita test strips – cessation of manufacture and supply

The introduction of the latest International Standard for self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) is to ensure that patients who are prescribed SMBG test strips as part of their diabetes care, will have access to an ISO 15197:2015 Certified Blood Glucose Meter and Test Strips, in all clinical settings, which conform to all four criteria of the standards: Design & Development, Safety, Reliability, System Accuracy and User Evaluation as of 1st July 2017.

In line with this timeline, the supply and manufacturing, of non-ISO 15197:2015 certified OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch Vita test strips will cease in June 2017

We are aware that a number of patients in the NECS CCG areas have been prescribed these two products.

The new ISO 15197:2015 OneTouch certified products are the OneTouch Select® Plus meter or the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter & (The OneTouch Reveal® mobile app).

Patients will need to be contacted and their future needs agreed. This may be an opportune time to discuss changing their blood glucose meter to an alternative device if One Touch is not in line with local first line choices.

If the decision is made to continue with the new One Touch products there is some support available from Johnson and Johnson to help with a smooth transition.

This  may include the following resources but is not limited to those:

  • OneTouch Customer Care
  • OneTouch Meter Upgrade Kits
  • Local Practice Support, resource and materials
  • Patient Education

HCP Education as part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute