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New Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) Website

The Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) – Medicines Use and Safety (MUS), Procurement, Quality Assurance (QA), Technical Services and UKMi is launching a new website. Its aim is to be “The first stop for professional medicines advice” and it is available from 1st August 2016 at

This new website has purposed-designed functionality and brings together the content of a number of historical SPS websites onto one platform.  Users continue to have open access to the majority of the site and the content they are familiar with including the national Patient Group Direction (PGD) website guidance.  Procurement training information and QA’s “yellow cover documents” on a variety of technical matters such as microbiological monitoring and over labelling are readily available.  Most UKMI resources including  Medicines Q and As, the fridge, lactation, compliance aid and patent data bases together with horizon scanning and new medicines information have moved onto the new website.  Visitors to all the relevant legacy sites will be redirected to the new SPS website.

The site is structured into Medicines, Services, Networks and About SPS.

The simple search function (Search all of SPS) will display relevant items from all of the SPS teams on one page which can then be viewed as presented, refined (by filtering) or explored in depth to answer a query. Alternatively individual sections, such as “Medicines” can be searched.  Should users not find what they are looking for there is an “Ask a Question” function.  The Network pages allow events to be advertised and presentations shared through the website. Look here for upcoming MUS and CHS meetings and for MSO webinars.