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Name change of Camcolit 250mg tablets

The proprietary (brand) name of “Camcolit 250mg tablets” has changed to “Lithium Carbonate Essential Pharma 250 mg film-coated tablets”, effective from 1st October 2015.

The product strength and formulation have not changed, only the name has changed.

This name change only applies to Camcolit 250mg. Please note, the product name for “Camcolit 400mg prolonged release Lithium carbonate film-coated tablet” is not affected.

Patients should receive the same brand of lithium product consistently because brands from different manufacturers may not be bioequivalent. It is therefore vital that the new name is written in full by the prescriber.

Actions for practices

Prescribers should prescribe “Lithium Carbonate Essential Pharma 250 mg film-coated tablets” for those patients already established on “Camcolit 250mg tablets”.

Prescribers and pharmacists should inform patients about the name change and the need to take the same brand of lithium consistently.

Prescribers will need to ensure that their patients’ NHS lithium treatment cards and booklets are updated to reflect this change.