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Making the most of your inhalers

Many people can get more out of their inhalers by using them slightly differently.

Small differences in the way inhalers are used can have quite a big effect on how well they work. Small changes can increase the amount of medicine that gets into the deeper parts of the lungs. The more medicine that gets into the small tubes in the deeper parts of the lungs, the more effect the medicine has on breathing problems.

Getting the best out of inhalers can take a bit of practice. And many people need help to find the inhaler that suits them best.

There are lots of different types of inhalers and lots of different ways of getting help. Videos showing the best way to use inhalers can help.

The next few pages have videos with an expert demonstrating the best way to use a range of inhalers.

First choose the type of breathing problem you have. Then you can either click on a picture of the type of inhaler you want to find out about or go straight to a page with all the videos.

COPD / Obstructive Airways Disease / Emphysema / Chronic Bronchitis / Smoking-related breathing problems

Asthma / Allergy-related wheeze / Exercise-related wheeze