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Hartlepool & Stockton-on-Tees and South Tees Update October 2014

Diabetes Patient Information Booklets – Hartlepool and Stockton Practices only:

There are still a number of boxes of the above at the NECS office, Teesdale house, should any practices need a further supply for their newly diagnosed T2DM patients. Please let your Practice Pharmacist or SpR team member know if you would like a further supply.

Access to TRAVAX

Access to TRAVAX under current group subscription arrangements will stop on 1st October 2014. This was previously funded by Public Health but will no longer be provided. For future travel vaccine advice please use NATHNAC at which is provided free of charge.

Supporting Pupils at School with medical conditions

Statutory Guidance issued for governing bodies of maintained schools and proprietors of academies in England means that GPs may be asked to provide a supply of medication specifically for use in schools. From 1st September there will be a statutory duty to make arrangements to support pupils in school with medical conditions. The main implication for GPs will be the supply of medicines specifically for use in school. They may also have to work closely with the school to provide information for children with complex medical requirements. Public health is currently writing local guidance that will be sent to schools. The council will offer courses in September and October for school staff to complete a competency based assessment.

Click here to view the guidance.

South Tees FT Pharmacy department update around the discharge procedures for patients requiring a medicine compliance aid

Click here to view the update.

Information on Accepting Prescribing

‘If a clinician provides a prescription following a recommendation from another secondary care/clinician you must be aware that you assume responsibility for all care related to that prescription including monitoring. Should a clinician choose to provide a prescription (albeit under a shared care arrangement) you must ensure that the assessment of need and subsequent monitoring are within your competency. If you have any uncertainty on this you MUST NOT prescribe following the recommendation of another person.’

Erocaid For Erectile Dysfunction

GPs should be assured that the patient has received training on this device before issuing a prescription.