South Tyneside

Non-urgent advice: The ICB Medicines Sub-Committee

The NENC Integrated Care System now has one governance procedure through the ICB Medicines Sub-Committee. This is supported by Northern Treatment Advisory Group (NTAG) and its subgroups.  Until guidance can be reviewed by the ICB Medicines Sub-Committee and its sub-groups all guidance and agreements previously approved by the predecessor three Area Prescribing Committees (APCs) of County Durham & Tees Valley; North of Tyne, Gateshead & North Cumbria; and South Tyneside & Sunderland are still valid.  ICB approved prescribing guidance and agreements will be hosted on the NTAG website moving forward.


Clinical Guidelines

Gastro-intestinal system

Cardiovascular system

Respiratory system

Central nervous system

Infections and antibiotics


Other endocrine

Obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary tract

Nutrition and blood

Musculoskeletal and joint diseases



Shared care

Shared care – For patients attending Gateshead Rheumatology Department

Shared care – Patients attending Sunderland Rheumatology Department

Other guidance

Other Guidelines

Prescribing systems and processes

Self-care and over-the-counter medicines