Shared Care Guidelines & Transfer of Prescribing Policies

Shared Care Guidelines

Any shared care guidelines (SCGs) listed below which have passed their review date will remain in use until an updated CDTV APC approved version is available, with only technical updates to address any emerging safety issues. The responsibility for developing and updating SCGs currently lies with the originating trusts, along with CDTV APC, but may be superseded by the adoption of national shared care templates.

In particular the review dates for the DMARD shared care guidelines were extended for a further six months in April 2022, as the national RMOC shared care guidelines are not yet available but expected very soon.

Drug monitoring

Mental Health Prescribing

CD&TV APC-approved mental health prescribing resources are also available via the PUBLICATIONS section of the Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust website and can be accessed from the TEWV Medicines Optimisation Interactive Guide: