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Getting the medicines right on transfer of healthcare settings

Transfer of care between healthcare providers and between teams can pose risk to patient safety, particularly where medicines are concerned.  The GMC good practice guidance regarding information sharing with colleagues involved in patient care reminds prescribers:

You must contribute to the safe transfer of patients between healthcare providers and between health and social care providers. This means you must share all relevant information with colleagues involved in your patient’s care within and outside the team, including when you hand over care as you go off duty, when you delegate care or refer patients to other health or social care providers. This should include all relevant information about their current and recent use of other medicines, other conditions, allergies and previous adverse reactions to medicines.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society also advises prescribers on this topic in their publication Keeping patients safe when they transfer between healthcare providers – getting the medicines right

Incidents should be reported using the Safeguard and Incident Risk Management System (SIRMS).