FreeStyle Libre _ Implementing NTAG Recommendations

The Northern Treatment Advisory Group (NTAG) “recommends Freestyle Libre® as an option for glucose monitoring in Type 1 diabetic patients only in the North East and Cumbria for patients who fulfil the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee criteria.

The NTAG position statement also states that FreeStyle Libre “…….. should not be prescribed in primary care and should only be initiated and prescribed by diabetic specialists.

NECS Provider Management and Medicines Optimisation have provided the following clarification on arrangements for supply of FreeStyle Libre to suitable patients:

For most areas [FreeStyle Libre] has been designated a CCG-funded red drug and should be treated as such by secondary care. However it is not acceptable to provide outpatient appointments for patients solely so they can obtain the device and sensors.

  • Clinicians wishing for their patient to have FreeStyle Libre should use the Value Based Commissioning (VBC) checker to obtain a prior approval ticket to confirm the patient meets the NTAG/RMOC criteria.
  • Once this has been obtained they now have approval to supply the patient with the FreeStyle Libre device.
  • Trusts have been asked to keep the prescribing/supply process internal and not to issue FP10HP or equivalent for dispensing by community pharmacies. How trusts choose to manage this should be a local decision by the FT.

Trust contracting leads have received a full briefing on arrangements for supply of FreeStyle Libre from the VBC group. All enquiries from secondary care clinicians about arrangements for supply of FreeStyle Libre to patients should be referred to the host trust’s contracting lead.