Education & Training

Menopause and HRT Education Session

NECS Learning have published a recording of the Menopause and HRT Education Session delivered by Dr Madeline Hilson from Whitby Group Practice to Healthcare Professionals working in Tees Valley on 27th September 2022.

The recording can be found on the NECS Learning YouTube channel at:

NICE CKS educational slides

NICE have commissioned from CKS (Clinical Knowledge Summaries) a number of Powerpoint slides based on a range of existing CKS topics, to provide a brief snap-shot of the CKS topic, and to be used as an educational tool.  Click here to go to the NICE CKS website.

MHRA medicines education modules

The MHRA educational modules on medicines have been written for health professionals who routinely make decisions about prescribing, supplying or administering medicines. The modules cover clinically relevant aspects of medicines regulation as well as topics on specific classes of medicines.  Click here to go to the MHRA website.