CD newsletter

July 2020

NECS supports the NHS England Area Team Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer in ensuring the safe management and use of controlled drugs within the North East & Cumbria region.  Based on the commonly reported incidents and the lessons learned, we aim to share good practice across the region.

Learning from Incidents Newsletters

 April 2021

  • Learning from incidents
  • Serious Incident – Oramorph Schedule 5
  • FP10MDA Titrating Prescriptions
  • We’re here to support you
  • Role of the CDLO
  • Ask ANI
  • Closing Pharmacies
  • Caution – Healthcare Professionals Collecting Prescriptions


April 2020

  • COVID-19 Information
    • Incident reporting
    • Security of Premises
    • Delivery Issues
    • Part Dispensed Prescriptions
    • Patient Returns
    • Diversion
    • CD Destructions
  • Loperamide Misuse

December 2019

  • County Lines
  • Pregabalin and gabapentin dispensing errors
  • Promethazine and Drug Related Deaths
  • CD Destructions and T28 Information
  • Pharmacy Security
  • Fraudulent Prescriptions

September 2019

  • Communications between Pharmacies and Substance Misuse Services
  • Signposting to Specialist Pharmacies for ‘End of Life’ (EOL) Medication
  • Common Dispensing Incidents

February 2019

  • Gabapentin/Pregabalin Rescheduling
  • Opioid Administration/Prescribing Issues
  • Incarcerated Patient Related Issues

August 2018

  • Opioid use in long term pain
  • Gabapentin/pregabalin drug related deaths
  • Oromorph given subcutaneously
  • CQC annual report
  • Lost Prescriptions
  • Annual CD declaration

March 2018

  • Burglaries to pharmacies
  • Delivery errors
  • Alcohol-free phenobarbital liquid for children
  • Post-dated prescriptions
  • Denaturing reminder
  • Dealing with lost or stolen prescriptions

November 2017

  • Gabapentin/Pregabalin consultation
  • Common CD prescribing/dispensing incidents
  • Recent burglaries to pharmacies

August 2017

  • Reporting incidents
  • Post-dated CD prescriptions dispensed too early
  • Patients with protected addresses
  • Midazolam injection for palliative care
  • What can happen when things go wrong when prescribing for chronic pain

April 2017

  • Reporting of illicit drug reactions RIDR
  • Diversion of prescription medicines

February 2017

  • Destruction of Controlled Drugs
  • Examples of suppliers of CD denaturing kits
  • CD balance checks during external stocktaking
  • Licensed equivalents for special order CDs

 November 2016

  • Prescribing and supply of controlled drugs
  • Advice to Community Pharmacies re the delivery of medicine
  • Advice for practices re the security of controlled drug prescriptions
  • NICE Guideline NG46: The safe use and management of controlled drugs

July 2016

  • Prescribing for temporary residents
  • CD incidents reported on SIRMS January – March 2016
  • Common prescribing and dispensing incidents

February 2016

  • Medicines for palliative care
  • What to do with unused medicines when a patient dies

October 2015

  • Prescription security
    • Security issues for prescribers
    • Security issues for practices
    • What do the prescription codes mean?
  • Forged prescriptions: community pharmacies
    • What to do if you come across a forged prescription

 July 2015

  • Balance discrepancies
  • Spillages
  • Common reasons for methadone discrepancies
  • Reporting a balance discrepancy