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Changes to labelling of dexamethasone injection

Changes are being made to the labelling of dexamethasone injection. It was formerly referred to as ‘Dexamethasone injection’, but it was in fact dexamethasone phosphate. In future, the dose will be in terms of dexamethasone base.

This therefore means that the doses are different:

Dexamethasone phosphate
‘Old formulation’
Dexamethasone base
‘New formulation’
Volume of ‘New formulation’ to administer
2mg 1.66mg 0.5ml
4mg 3.3mg 1ml
8mg 6.6mg 2ml
12mg 9.9mg 3ml
16mg 13.3mg 4ml
20mg 16.6mg 5ml

Prescribers are now advised to prescribe dexamethasone as dexamethasone base.