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Monthly Supply Issues Updates produced by the DHSC Medicines Supply Team have been replaced by the SPS Medicines Supply Tool – available to registered users via the Specialist Pharmacy Service [please log-in before using Medicine Supply Tool link].

Other resources can be found on the PSNC Medicines Shortages page.

MIMS produce a useful Shortages Tracker which indexes much of the information published elsewhere – and have made it freely available during the COVID-19 period.

DH&SC Supply Issues Update – December 2019

The last Department of Health & Social Care Supply Issues Update of the decade is now available via the NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service @ [NB: link will only work if already logged in to SPS – register HERE].  

DHSC-NHSE&I Guide to Medicines Supply & Shortages

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have published a comprehensive guide to the processes and systems in place to help manage medicines supply issues. The guide set out “… to detail the national, regional and local management and escalation processes and communication routes for medicines supply issues” and to support Continue Reading »

HRT Shortages – British Menopause Society Update

The British Menopause Society have published a helpful update on current availability of HRT products in the UK – including the following notes: There have been availability issues with many HRT products. Some of these are related to manufacturing shortages, while others are related to supply issues. The BMS has been reassured that these are temporary shortages which Continue Reading »

Supply Issues in Primary Care – Update June 2019

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) Medicines Supply team have published the latest supply issues update for primary & secondary care.. The update provides information on new, ongoing and resolved supply issues as well as forthcoming discontinuations – with details of mitigating action taken by manufacturers, regulators & the DHSC, plus signposting to advice on alternatives. Registered users can Continue Reading »