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Inhaler Technique Videos

The inhaler technique videos below have been jointly produced by PrescQIPP and Health and Care Videos to help patients, carers and others master any one of 17 different inhalers. A range of patient information leaflet templates to support the videos will be available soon. Click here to go to the videos.

Making the most of your inhalers

Many people can get more out of their inhalers by using them slightly differently. Small differences in the way inhalers are used can have quite a big effect on how well they work. Small changes can increase the amount of medicine that gets into the deeper parts of the lungs. The more medicine that gets into the small Continue Reading »

Inhaler technique elearning

The inhaler technique for health professionals; getting it right has been commissioned by NECS MO with sponsorship funding received from Alimirall, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Napp to improve how we can help patients with their inhaler devices. The programme will look in detail at: The different types of inhaler device and how the aerosol is made in each Continue Reading »

Supply of placebo devices

Placebo inhalers and training devices are available from the majority of inhaler manufacturers to support clinicians and patients with shared decision making around inhaler devices and assessing and demonstrating inhaler technique. These devices are available free of charge to practices. If you wish to obtain supplies please refer to the contacts provided in the document. Placebo Inhaler Devices