COVID-19 – Medicines Supplies

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England and the NHSE&I Director of Primary Care Strategy have issued an Update on COVID-19 […]

COVID-19 – Oral Corticosteroids?

The Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service Team have published a guide to “Rapidly managing pneumonia in older people during a pandemic” […]

eRD – Wessex AHSN Videos

The Wessex Academic Health Science Network have updated their electronic repeat dispensing resources to support the recent advice from the […]

COVID-19 – Ibuprofen Concerns – BBC Reality Check

The BBC Reality Check service have published several “myth-busting” items addressing rumours, theories, misunderstandings and downright falsehoods currently circulating due […]

COVID-19 – Ibuprofen & other NSAIDs

All relevant healthcare professionals working in primary and community care in England should by now have received the Important Information […]

COVID-19 – Pharmacy Regulators’ Statement

The General Pharmaceutical Council and the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland have issued a joint statement on their “Regulatory approach […]

COVID-19- Oxford University Primary Care Resource

The Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at Oxford University have developed a Coronavirus Analysis and Resources webpage – […]

COVID-19 – Oxford CEBM Evidence Service

The Oxford University Centre for Evidence Based Medicine has launched a new webpage to help provide answers to some of […]

COVID-19 – Medicines Homecare Services

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) – the trade body representing the majority of organisations providing Clinical Homecare Services on […]