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Smoking & Emollients – Fire Risk Reminder !!

The Coroner for Staffordshire (South) has issued a Prevention of Future Deaths notice to the DHSC, NICE, Public Health England, the BMA, the CQC and certain social housing providers requiring action to address the risk of fire posed to smokers using emollients. As set out in a previous post, the MHRA published a Drug Safety Update in 2018 Continue Reading »

Supply Issues & Shortages – DHSC and NHSE&I Guide

The DHSC and NHSE&I jointly published a Guide to Managing Medicines Supply and Shortages in November 2019. The guide sets out the approach taken by the DHSC Medicines Supply Team and NHS&I Commercial Medicines Unit, with information on: intelligence; information gathering; risk assessment; categorisation; escalation routes; management options and communication methods. The DHSC and NHSE&I teams and the Continue Reading »

DH&SC Supply Issues Update – December 2019

The last Department of Health & Social Care Supply Issues Update of the decade is now available via the NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service @ [NB: link will only work if already logged in to SPS – register HERE].  

DHSC-NHSE&I Guide to Medicines Supply & Shortages

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) and NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have published a comprehensive guide to the processes and systems in place to help manage medicines supply issues. The guide set out “…┬áto detail the national, regional and local management and escalation processes and communication routes for medicines supply issues” and to support Continue Reading »

SPS NICE Bites – Cellulitis

The NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service (SPS) have published the latest in the NICE Bites series of summary prescribing recommendations from NICE guidelines – covering antimicrobial treatment for cellulitis & erysipelas.