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Controlled Drugs: Learning from Incidents October 2015

NECS supports the NHS England Area Team Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer in ensuring the safe management and use of controlled drugs within the North East & Cumbria region.  Based on the commonly reported incidents and the lessons learned, we aim to share good practice across the region.

Included in this newsletter:

  • Prescription security
    • Security issues for prescribers
    • Security issues for practices
    • What do the prescription codes mean?
  • Forged prescriptions: community pharmacies
    • What to do if you come across a forged prescription

North of Tyne APC Update October 2015

Recent decisions – Latest Decisions | North Of Tyne Area Prescribing Committee Methenamine hippurate has been requested as a second line agent for the prophylaxis of UTIs in patients who have failed long term prophylaxis with antibiotics, have contraindications to antibiotics, and who have breakthrough infections with resistant organisms. This is on the grounds that as a non-antibiotic Continue Reading »

Oral bisphosphonates: reminder of precautions to take

All bisphosphonates are associated with a risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). Therefore before prescribing oral bisphosphonates, we remind you to tell patients to maintain good oral hygiene, attend routine dental check-ups and immediately report any oral symptoms such as dental mobility, pain, or swelling to a doctor and dentist.