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Adrenaline auto-injectors: advice on use from MHRA

In May 2014 the MHRA issued guidance on the use of adrenaline auto-injectors, with the following key messages for patients;

  • carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with you at all times.
  • Inject yourself in the outer thigh at the first signs of a severe allergic reaction.
  • Every time you use an adrenaline auto-injector:
  • call 999, ask for an ambulance and state ‘anaphylaxis’, even if you start to feel better.
  • Lie flat with your legs up to keep your blood flowing.
  • If possible, seek help immediately after using your auto-injector and stay with someone while waiting for the ambulance.
  • If you still feel unwell after the first injection, use your second injector 5 to 15 minutes after the first.
  • An adrenaline auto-injector is for emergency, on the spot treatment of an anaphylactic reaction.  Always go to hospital after using an adrenaline auto-injector.

Adrenaline Autoinjectors – advice on use from MHRA