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COVID-19 - BTS Guidance Collection - Asthma Exacerbations

The British Thoracic Society have published COVID-19: information for the respiratory community - a collection of guidelines & information sheets for HCPs managing respiratory conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection includes Advice for Healthcare Professionals Treating People with Asthma (adults) in relation to COVID‐19 - with the following information & advice about Acute Exacerbations: COVID‐19 can present with symptoms …

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COVID-19 - PCRS Resources

The Primary Care Respiratory Society had drawn together a suite of resources for HCPs managing respiratory conditions in Primary Care during the COVID-19 pandemic. The compilation includes links to British Thoracic Society COVID-19: information for the respiratory community - which includes Advice for Healthcare Professionals Treating People with Asthma (adults) in relation to COVID‐19

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COVID-19 - RCGP Guidance on Workload Prioritisation

The Royal College of General Practitioners have published a guide to prioritising workload during COVID-19, grading activities using the following R-A-G categories: Green category: Aim to continue regardless of the scale of the virus outbreak Amber category: Continue if capacity allows and if appropriate for your patient population Red category: Postpone, aiming to revisit once the outbreak ends, ensuring recall …

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COVID-19 - Managing the Pandemic in Care Homes

The British Geriatrics Society have published guidance on Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes, with the following key recommendations: Care homes should have in place standard operating procedures for individual residents with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 infection, including appropriate infection control precautions to protect staff and residents.  Care home staff should be trained to check the temperature of residents …

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COVID-19 - FSRH CEU Contraceptive Advice

The Clinical Effectiveness Unit of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health have published clinical advice to support provision of effective contraception during the COVID-19 outbreak. BRIEF SUMMARY EXISTING USERS 1.       COC/CHC – remote prescription to cover next 6-12 months without BMI/BP check reasonable – consider further supply without review of history if all relevant history documented & no contraindications …

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COVID-19 - DMARD Monitoring Changes

The Combined Heads of Service for Rheumatology for the Northern Region have published a statement on Changes to Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug (DMARD) monitoring and prescribing in Rheumatology (24/04/20) - which includes the following advice: Monitoring intervals can be extended in patients with previously stable blood testing at the prescribers’ discretion. It is likely that the vast majority of patients who have …

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COVID-19 - eRD Resources from the NHS BSA

The NHS BSA have updated their collection of eRD Resources to help Primary Care Teams to follow national advice to move as many people as possible to electronic Repeat Dispensing as quickly as possible - to help manage demand & workload during the COVID-19 emergency. The NHS BSA have also produced new resources - with a new streamlined service for …

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COVID-19 - Guidance for Safe Switching of Warfarin to DOACs

Please see attached Guidance for the safe switching of warfarin to direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) for patients with non-valvular AF and venous thromboembolism (DVT / PE) during the coronavirus pandemic - endorsed by Royal College of General Practitioners, British Haematology Society, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, UK Clinical Pharmacy Association, Primary Care Pharmacy Association & the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society. The Guidance …

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Clenil 100 - Available Alternatives

The pharmaceutical company Chiesi have appealed to all Health Care Professionals to help maintain supply by desisting from writing multiple prescriptions for the same products until acute pressures begin to ease. At the same time, the company issued a statement confirming that their operations are NOT affected by containment measures in place in Italy and that production and distribution of …

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COVID-19 - Information Sources for Patients

COVID-19 LINKS – PATIENT INFO The Primary Care Diabetes Society have compiled the following useful list of links to sources of information on COVID-19 for patients with different conditions (NB: several include valuable advice about medicines use):   General NHS advice - Pituitary/ adrenal insufficiency (including steroid sick day rules) - Underlying lung disease (British Lung Foundation) - People with …

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