Updated Patient Group Directions (PGDs) coming soon!

A number of PGDs for vaccines are currently requiring review. These include Shingles, MenACWY, Rotavirus, Influenza and Hepatitis B for infants. In addition a PGD for the new vaccine Infanrix hexa is required. All reviews are in hand and new ones will be available before September 1st 2017. They will be sent directly to practice but you can also look out for them on the website at: http://medicines.necsu.nhs.uk/resources/patient-group-directions/

It is worth noting that the current MenACWY vaccine PGD may be used for any eligible individual under the inclusion:

Catch-up campaign other

Unprotected individuals who become eligible for MenACWY conjugate vaccine under the routine or catch-up programmes will remain eligible until & including the day before their 25th birthday & may be vaccinated opportunistically or through catch-up programmes.”

This includes individuals who became eligible following changes to the service specifications in April 2017.