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Help reduce repeat prescribing waste – Report via SIRMS

To make it easier to identify and investigate waste in the repeat prescription ordering process, we’ve added a specific field with a yes/no dropdown to SIRMS that will highlight where waste has occurred in repeat prescribing systems.

This will help us to run reports and investigate incidents relating to waste. We’ll look at all the incidents and where necessary put steps in place to prevent this happening again.

North East and North Cumbria Regional Self-Care Campaign

The CCGs in the North East and North Cumbria have agreed to work on a range of large scale initiatives to help tackle prescribing issues which are applicable to all areas. One of these initiatives is the promotion self-care for common conditions such as acute pain, hay fever and travel medication.

Resources are being distributed to all practices, pharmacies, walk-in centres and A&E departments and include posters and leaflets to help promote this initiative to patients. In addition to this there will be a social media campaign to reinforce these messages using Twitter and Facebook.

Self-Care and OTC Product Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

A detailed guide for professional use has been developed as part of the regional self-care campaign. This explains the rationale for why certain conditions may be suitable for self-care whilst highlighting any specific patient groups which may be excluded due to age or the chronic nature of their illness.

The document is to serve as a guideline for prescribers but does not remove the clinician’s right to decide the most appropriate treatment for a patient.