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Prevention of Future Death Notice – the EPS system does not highlight urgent prescriptions to pharmacies

  “The EPS system does NOT allow urgent prescriptions to be highlighted to the receiving pharmacy when sent from a GP system.” This applies to all current pharmacy software. Following a Coroner’s inquest in Nottingham, the Superintendent Pharmacist for Well Pharmacy has circulated a Prevention of Future Death notice  to alert prescribers to potentially serious consequences of shortcomings Continue Reading »

Morphine Injections Supply Problems

Currently, there are national supply issues with Morphine Injections, predominately 10mg/ml amps but other strengths may be in short supply.

Practices should continue prescribing morphine injection first line in palliative care but contact community pharmacies at the point of writing the prescription to ascertain stock levels so the prescription can be written for the available strength of amp and correct dose. Do not use morphine if the 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30mg ampoules are not available.

Prescribe short duration prescriptions of morphine (no more than 5/7 days) in order to ensure we can maintain supplies to all patients in need.

Please ensure that all prescriptions and administration dosages are double checked by GP practices, Community Pharmacists and Community Nursing to reduce the risk of prescribing and administrative errors and that this is clearly communicated to patients and carers.